Green Beauty Queen Karim Orange

Think of me as your source for a beautiful organic lifestyle: from greening your home to finding natural makeup good enough for the red carpet to packing your purse full of Better Organic Choices. I like to call it holistically hip! We are NOT the crunchy granola types- we wear Manolos running through Whole Foods Market, while downing wheat grass juice on our way to salsa dancing. We go scuba diving with friends and skip dinner reservations to open cook books. We are mothers and students. We are men who chop wood and read poetry. We see organic through holistic eyes, and not just in the ingredient sense. We believe that organic should involve pure choices that unify your mind, body and spirit. From face to face to Facebooking, from cosmopolitans made with organically infused vodka to the best free activities in your city... I help you make the Better Organic Choice because that is you!.

Afro Punk! The ‘other’ black music experience. #afropunk #Brooklyn #thisweekend # bands

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